Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My new boutique

After much work and fun, I have finally launched my etsy boutique. http://megancreates.etsy.com
I am selling decorative art for children and adults. I also have lines of notecards on there as well. A mix of everything. I had so much fun getting everything ready; now we'll see if I can even sell anything! That's ok, the fun was getting everything created and together. My work will evolve and change as I develop more of a set style. Most of my work is completely customizable and I can work with the recipient to add quantity or make changes or whatever. I also take commissions. If anyone out there has an idea they'd like me to execute in my own little way, contact me and we can work together on it. It's fun to make a unique gift that nobody else has. Just a little small something that can brighten someone's day. I like that idea. Attainable art...not in an expensive gallery and not mass-produced at the mall. Just little hand-made bits lovingly put together and sent off to a new home. Now, off to the "real world" to do my normal graphic design day job which is a whole different kind of fun.