Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new dawn

Chris and I are proud, thrilled, and overjoyed to announce that we are expecting a baby in very early May! I am 13 weeks along so far and we've been dying to share the news with all of you! Many of you have been following along our difficult journey to get here and we have been so excited to update you with good news for once! Little baby Carty already likes Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. As you can see in the pic, his/her hands are on either side of the shoulders/face doing the thriller dance. It's as if he's saying "RAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" And his/her knees are both bent up by the belly and the little legs and feet are pushing into the side of the sac. I can't wait to actually feel it. Words cannot begin to express how grateful and thankful we are.

More in this space soon. You can track the pregnancy and all that goes with it at my other/new blog Me and Wee. I will be continuing this blog as well, but wanted a separate space to candidly discuss those issues. Please note that it can be frank and graphic, so it's not for's targeted more toward those who've had troubles with pregnancy and for those who are either going through pregnancy or have gone through it. My husband will be writing for it on occasion as give the male perspective. Much love to you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A time to mourn, a time to dance

My lovely Aunt Carol passed away 2 days ago in a relatively sudden fashion. I'm not quite sure what to think as I'm in shock, but I know that I am sad. She's my Mom's older sister and is a huge inspiration in my life. Although it ultimately wasn't what caused her passing (but I'm sure it didn't help), she has lived for years upon years with multiple sclerosis. She had so much struggle with her physical body...and she was always so upbeat, loving, friendly, positive and humorous. I remember asking her how she got that way and she admitted that it wasn't easy at first...that she'd had a bout of depression after hearing the news she had this disease. She soon realized, though, that allowing herself to wallow was not helping her and wasn't serving a purpose in her favor. She decided to become proactive and she learned all she could about her condition...all while exploring new treatments and experimental drugs. This attitude, in light of so many adversities she has had in her life even besides the MS, has been a huge influence on how I handle adversity myself and how I choose to handle difficult times. I live by her example and am so grateful to her for showing us that even in the darkest of times we can find humor, a smile, a sense of acceptance to what we've been dealt. I will truly miss her, but I am excited for her and her new journey. I am pleased to know that she can move around effortlessly now and travel anywhere she wants as she couldn't before. I've already spoken to her as I briefly felt her nearby yesterday...and I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. For now, I know that it is our time to mourn and her time to dance.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On a sad note

Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. I just wanted to get the word out for those who are mourning the loss of their angels. We have 4 angels that I am loving and thinking about today. Please think kind thoughts for those you know who have experienced pregnancy or infant is a topic that is often overlooked but a grief that is very real and strong.
Thanks and much love!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, my love! It's been three amazing years so far...we've been through so much together already and I'm so honored to have you as my partner through it all. I can't wait for what is next, and I continue to feel like the luckiest person in the world because I have you to hold forever. I love you!
Here were a few little details from our rainy and very windy wedding day in Bar Harbor, Maine. At low tide no less! Photos by Michele Stapleton.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Crane's Sympathy

Several months ago, I did some freelance design work for Crane & Co, the classic stationery company. It was such an amazing experience! It was literally a dream come true for me. I must admit, though, that my design style is a little more "wild" for the Crane brand so I found it at first to be a challenge to "dial it back" and make the design ideas more classic and simple. It took some getting used to, as any new design project does. I have found in the past that once I get used to working in a new aesthetic, I can shine. It just takes a little getting used to. I hope that in the future I get to do more work with them now that I have a better understanding of the brand. Here is a design I put together for a personalized sympathy acknowledgement. You can find the design on the Crane & Co website here.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fact Checking

This election is making me crazy. So much information to sort through!!! The debates are interesting to watch but always leave me feeling overwhelmed. My husband emailed me this link this morning...a fact check website on all the statements from the debates. So, if there's something that was said that concerns you, you might find the statement here and what the real truth is. Hope this helps anyone out there who wants help sorting through the muck!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm sorry...

Hello friends! I'm so, so sorry I have been away for so long. There is so much going on in my head and a lot of personal emotions/things I've been working through...I have just needed to pull away and into myself for a while. I fear posts may still be erratic for a while going forward, but I don't plan for things to be like that forever! I wish I could say I was out doing cool things like going on safari in Africa or climbing some grand mountain...but I've been here quietly soul searching and moving through the days. I promise that soon I will be back with more frequent and fun posts.
In the meantime, here is a new letterpress print I illustrated and printed. I call it "The Willow." It's a 5 x 7 print in a gray ink on thick, soft 100% cotton paper. Each print is signed by me and is for sale here.