Sunday, September 26, 2010


One of my letterpressed pieces was published in a book! I'm very excited!



Saturday, April 10, 2010


letterpress seagulls

Summer is almost here in New England. Or, at least, I hope so. I reprinted these cards a little while ago...flat notecards that bring some New England to wherever you are. :) If you want some, you can find them at my shop.

gulls in detail

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Megan Finds...Instant Film to replace Polaroid

Lensbaby Polaroids
Hey there!
I've seen a lot around the internet about "The Impossible Project." Basically a team of awesome folks got together and decided to create instant film to replace the extinct Polaroid version. Right now, some has been created for specific cameras but it's a great start. Here is their press release text that explains it all:
New York City, March 22, 2010.
The Impossible Project started in October 2008 at the last preserved Polaroid plant in Enschede (The Netherlands) with the aim to save anlog Instant Photography from extinction; today it presented its significant result. After 17 months of research and development, The Impossible Project an- nounced that it succeeded in its task of re-producing a new analog Instant Film for traditional Polaroid cameras. Containing more than 30 newly developed components, Impossible today introduced a new, monochrome Instant Film - the PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade - and is therewith saving millions of perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete (as Polaroid discontinued its instant film production early in 2008).

Supported by Ilford Photo, UK (Harman Technology Limited) Impossible is carrying instant film production into the 21st century and proudly presents a new, artistic instant film material. It produces originals of outstanding, unique and never before seen characteristics, pushing analog Instant Photography beyond all traditional limits. Other than the highly standardized, traditional Polaroid film, the Impossible Films offer a new, broad range of possibilities, fresh characteristics and results. Celebrating the beginning of a new era of Instant Photography, Impossible introduces its first two formats in a limited First Flush Edition (First Flush also denotes Premium Tea that is picked in the first season of the year, typically around March, and has a rich and fresh aroma). It will be available online at
www.the-impossible- from March 25 onwards, and thereafter also at selected premium retail partners all over the world.

Being the only company worldwide capable of manufacturing analog Instant Film, Impossible plans to present its first PX Color Film in summer 2010. Furthermore a Silver Shade as well as a Color Version of the larger Integral Instant Film format for usage in all Polaroid Image/Spectra/1200 cameras is planned. In total, Impossible‘s schedule is to present 6 new Instant Film formats within 2010.
Impossible has beyond that started collaborations with international photographers, who were invited to work with the new film material and therewith created a base for The Impossible Collection – a growing archive of contemporary Instant Photo- graphy artworks. Furthermore, the supporters of The Impossible Project recently placed a binding offer to purchase the International Polaroid Collection, located in the Musée de l‘Elysée, Lausanne. Impossible‘s intention is not only to preserve and protect this unique collection from being sold in parts, but also to re-open and expand it by providing the new Impossible film materials to contemporary artists.
A grand Impossible Project‘s Space, hosting a shop as well as a gallery, will open on April 30, 2010 at 425 Broadway in New York City – celebrating the magic and the bright future that analog Instant Photography is now facing.

I even emailed them to ask what film I could still use for my depressed 230 Land camera and got a wonderful and detailed reply: (I will certainly be trying their film for the 600 camera I also have). Yay!

Your 230 uses type 100 film:

AND you can also use Fuji packfilm in your camera! It's lovely stuff, very crisp and contrast-y and the B&W is gorgeous.

(you can find the Fuji packfilm lots of places, I tend to use the B&H links because I have them bookmarked)

Our factory only made integral film (SX-70, 600 and spectra) so we don't have the equipment to manufacture pack film. Polaroid tore the packfilm factory down in 2008 so if it wasn't for Fuji there wouldn't be ANY pack film left.

I hope this answers your questions, if not please feel free to email me directly.

p.s. you might want to consider converting your camera to take "normal' batteries. It's very easy (I did it and I'm so NOT handy) and this website explains exactly how to do it:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Megan Finds...Van Gogh Letters

On the website for the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam you can find all the letters written by the famed artist to friends and family archived can read them translated in English or in their native tongue. You can also view the actual documents that were scanned. So cool! You can view the sketches he did in those letters and catch a personal glimpse into his world. It's a great site to poke around and explore. So much to see! I hope you enjoy it as I have. Click HERE to see the site and search through the letters for yourself.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Positive thought

the universe
This is the quote that got me through the hard times when we had all of our miscarriages, fertility issues and wishing so much for a baby of our own. I spent a lot of time in a dark place. A sad place. A place filled with fear and doubt. I started to believe that nothing was going to work out for me. The pit I was in felt deeper and wider with each day. It was hellish. Then, I discovered the power of positive thinking. Not as a magic pill, but as a way to make myself feel better while waiting for the great things to come my way. They say that sending out positive thoughts and energy will bring positive things back to you tenfold. I'd tried everything else, so I figured this was worth a shot. It took a lot of practice, but I forced myself to try and turn every negative thought into a positive one. Over time, I began to find myself thinking in positive ways from the start. I felt so much better! Life felt full of possibility! And having this quote to stare at every day really helped. In our darkest hours we cannot see it, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes in our favor. We have to have faith that our dreams are coming to fruition and they are simmering there. That the stars are aligning just right to bring us our dreams. We have to believe that there is a host of wonderful treasures just waiting for us around the corner. Assume it is so and let the powers that be do their work. It takes time to create your miracle. This quote continues to help me and I wanted to share it with everyone else. So, I designed this piece of art so that it could be hung up proudly. It's 8 x 10, but I could also make it in 5 x 7 if you'd like. Would you like a print of your own? You can get one here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

color love

I just love the colors here. Endless inspiration for lots of projects that live in my mind.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tuscany in October

October in Tuscany
I spent some time and accomplished a small oil painting...a landscape of scenery in Tuscany I saw during a trip in October 2007. It's the first painting I've done in such a loose and painterly style and I really enjoyed it! I used brushes to start, and then used mostly a palette knife...a first for me as well. The final painting size is 7 x 9 inches and I'm considering selling it. What do you think?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi friends!
I finished my recent sewing lessons and made a little skirt. I learned a lot and decided to make something on my own to build my confidence. I made 2 zippered pillow cases to cover the bland and boring pillows on our couch. I'm thrilled with out they turned out and they were very easy (albeit a little time consuming). I used this tutorial which made it so simple and easy. Once I did one, I was able to do the other from memory 2 weeks later. Easy, right? It's been nice finding another creative outlet and my next project will be a tote bag. More ambitious!
Pillow Before

Pillow After

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Currier Museum of Art

On Monday, I got to take the day off while Chris took care of Paige. So, I took a drive up to Manchester, NH to the Currier Museum of Art to see this exhibition. It was so great! I really took my time to read every single write-up description card and I studied each painting closely. I got so much inspiration and really enjoyed myself. I even got to see some of Andrew Wyeth's early watercolors in person...a rarity! These were the ones. I wish I had gotten to meet Andrew Wyeth. He'd probably be the one celebrity I'd want to meet if I got the chance. I'm still sad about his passing last year. But, we've been left with his amazing work so that's something to be glad for.
The exhibit is going on until June 7th, so if you are within driving distance I suggest you take the chance to go and have some quiet time to yourself and enjoy. (I even stopped in the cafe to have a yummy peanut butter cookie and a soda.) :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


Image from Frolic

I'm a big fan of the scalloped edge. I think it adds a lovely twist to something classic and can give things such a nice retro flair. I'm considering making some of the elements for Little P's birthday and giving them a scalloped edge.
I saw this post today on Frolic (you should check that blog out! It's got great visual inspiration; She has great taste) and it re-ignited my scalloped-edge interest. I just love when shelves and/or hutches have edges like that. So charming. I know it's not for everyone though. I especially love when I see scalloped siding or shingles on homes. I have a thing for Victorian homes in general, but I love the detailed siding. Perhaps someday I'll have a Victorian house with a big giant porch and maybe some scalloped siding?
Screen shot 2010-02-26 at 7.48.00 AM.png

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retro Straws

I love these retro paper straws. These would be great for around the house for for a vintage-themed party. Hmmm. I'm considering them for a little party I'm planning for a certain someone. Get them here.
Image from ModernLola.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party Hats

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 10.00.16 AM
Wouldn't these baker's caps make great birthday party hats? Particularly if you have a baking/cupcake theme or a soda shop theme. You can find them here.
Image from Bake it Pretty

2 blue

2 blue, originally uploaded by m a v.

I love this photo; it's been a favorite of mine for a long time. It's by Mav...
She resides in Portland, ME (by where I grew up) and something about it just reminds me of home. Maybe not MY house, but just home in general. I think it's the old painted door and the patchwork looking curtain. There's a weathered look about it that is so homey and so "Maine."

Color Inspiration

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 9.35.05 AM
Image of cupcake liners on stand from Darlybird.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clementine Art

Hi there! A few months ago, I ordered these environmentally friendly supplies from Clementine Art. Can I be honest and say that the packaging is what drew me in? It's lovely up close too. Then, I saw that the materials are all natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. I know Paige is too young to use them right now, but I actually had fun coloring with the soy crayons. They feel so silky and smooth to color with! I loved them (much more than the traditional wax kind we all use). The colors are more vibrant as well. Sometimes I find it relaxing to just sit with crayons and color in a kid's coloring book. I find that it helps me clear my head when I focus on something so simple and easy. The items are a tad pricier than what you might expect, but it's a quality product and I've been enjoying them for myself! I guess I can share with Paige once she's older...I GUESS. :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Hi there!
Well, since I last wrote about wanting to cook and sew I have:
1. Made a banana bread. Yum! It came out great and I used my Mom's "Maine Banana Bread" recipe. It made for nice breakfasts each day.
Banana Bread
2. Made a potato soup for dinner. That's shredded cheddar on top. It was very easy, but I made it too salty by accident. Oops. It was edible though. Better luck next time I guess!
Potato Soup with Cheddar

3. Signed up for and began my first sewing lesson. My teacher is guiding me through making a simple skirt. So much to learn! I need a lot of practice, I'm already forgetting how to thread the machine and wind the bobbin and such. I have a hard time with my short-term memory so things that require a lot of steps take me a while to catch on to. I need to keep doing it over and over I guess. Too bad the machine I have here is nothing like the one at the classroom!

These are small steps, but I'm proud of myself for setting goals and making moves towards them. My next sewing lesson is next Saturday. In the meantime, I plan to make some sugar cookies from scratch this week. Just in time for Valentine's Day! It's another thing I've never made so I'm looking forward to diving in. I think some cupcakes will be on the agenda too. My stomach is growling already. I hope all is well with you!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Last Painting

Hi there!

I finally took a photo of the last painting we did in class back in November. Here's my version.
It's of a house on the Cape...I added an extra chimney to make up for mistake I did in making the house too long. Oh well! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Challenge

Hi friends!
It's been such a long time since I've written here! I'm so bummed about that fact. Not much has been going on in my creative life. I did finish that watercolor class back in November...I need to take a photo of the last painting we did and I'll be sure to post it. I enjoyed the course and it was great to get out once per week for an activity I could enjoy just for me. This year I haven't bothered to make any resolutions, but I do like to think about the directions in which I'd like to better myself going forward. One thing? Cooking. I have no clue what I'm doing. I did well in Home Ec back in seventh grade, but that was a zillion years ago, so that isn't much help. I always found it frustratingly boring and then I hated the cleanup afterward. So, when I was single, I stuck with canned food or frozen dinners. Nothing healthy in the slightest. Chris is the chef of the house and he enjoys cooking. He makes wonderful meals and is even able to make things without a recipe. He's very talented. Anyway, I'd like to be more brave about cooking and try my hand at some meals for the family. I know Chris wouldn't mind coming home some nights during the week to a hot meal already prepared. I just have no idea how to clean up meat, trim fat, etc. It's so embarrassing to admit. So, my goal is to find out how to do those things and venture forth. I know, people out there are rolling their eyes and wonder what rock I've been living under...or are saying that it's not rocket science. But for someone like me who survived a long-ass time on Ramen Noodles...well, it's a challenge. My poor Mom always begged me to pay attention to her lessons in cooking as she worked in the kitchen. But I was all "women don't ALWAYS have to be the cooks of the house MOM!" as I gave vague attention. Why didn't I try to pay attention more??
The other thing I want to learn is how to sew. Again, we made duffel bags back in Home Ec, but the teacher did most of it for us and I have no memory of how we did anything. I know how to stitch by hand. That's pretty much it! I have access to a sewing machine and would LOVE to use it, so I'm going to enroll in sewing lessons that are given in the town next door. I'd love to be able to hem my own jeans and pants, create softie animals that I design on my own, make little dresses for Paige, create valances for our living room, and create throw pillows. Not all at once obviously. But, I figure I need to have some projects in mind if I'm going to learn, right? When will I have time to do all of this? Who the hell knows? I'll find it I guess. Other people do it, so I can too, darn it! People don't learn to play a full piano concerto overnight; they learn the scales first. But, over time, they become fluid players. I suspect the same will be true for cooking and sewing...with some time and practice I will improve and be making magic. At least in my fantasy.
I don't have a plan for a CHALLENGE per se. I plan to chronicle my attempts toward my goals here to breathe some new life into things. It's a way of holding myself accountable. So. Was this post boring enough for you? Do YOU have some goals for things you've always wanted to learn? Are there skills you'd like to acquire this year? Feel free to share. I won't judge. I can't cook, remember? But NOT FOR LONG!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Paper Yum

Paper Love
I'm in love with these assorted papers from Mieke Willems in Belgium. They have an online shop and ship to the U.S.; the papers are small...origami-like sized squares. I've got a hundred ideas for the uses of the paper but can hardly bear to cut any.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

paint desk
Hi friends!

Since Paige was born, my art life has taken a huge backseat. Baby comes first, obviously. As time has gone by I've been itching to be creative again. If you read this blog frequently then you know that I've been taking a watercolor painting class to get me out of the house once per week so that I can focus on something that I enjoy and relax. It's been so great! I have so much fun and really have learned a lot. I've only got 2 classes left which leaves me wondering what I'll take next. Perhaps sewing? Anyhoo, I decided to incorporate painting into my life a bit more; but how to do that with a now semi-crawling baby? I need to be nearby to keep a watch on Little P whenever she is awake. So, we took one of my office desks and put it in the family room at a window overlooking the conservation land behind our house. I can see Paige's play area to my right as I work and I have the wonderful natural light coming in through the window. It's been a great solution to incorporating my time for painting with being with Paige. Why should the two be separate? Why go into a different space and treat my creative life as a separate one from my daughter? I love that I can dabble at my work here and there while she's around and I just feel happier in general. I like that she can watch me do something I enjoy and know that she can be a part of it too if she wants. Of course, the majority of my time will still be spent playing with her, teaching her, and tending to her needs; but it is nice to know that I can include my own needs into the day and I now have a place to do it!
Here's a painting I did on my own here at my desk...without the guidance of the teacher. It is of an old converted barn in Maine...from a photo I took one summer. The computer isn't normally going to be at the desk, but the photo I was using to paint from was on my flickr site and I was too lazy to print it out. Then, of course I had to check facebook! :)
Damn you addictive Facebook! Damn you! :)
converted barn