Monday, May 07, 2007

New Growth

Spring is finally happening here where I live. Things are finally blooming, budding, and growing. I'm so happy about it too! I went around the street taking some photos of new growth; I just love the bright and fresh colors this time of year offers. This week will be a busy one; lots of printing to do and I'm booked for a client off-site for 2 days. I'm so grateful! This weekend my husband and I went into Boston and walked around historic Charles street area looking into all the cute and unique shops. We then wandered Newbury Street until I couldn't stand the crowds anymore. It was a wonderful day and so nice to get out. Chris spend Sunday fixing up the lawn and getting yardwork done. He did a great job! As for me, I've been in a contemplative mood lately and have been enjoying sitting outside in the cool breeze when I can. Just being peaceful. These are the moments I cling to when things get busy...what do YOU do to relax and connect with the moment? Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures girl! Here spring came with storms and tornados! hehe But everything is shockingly green :)


michelle said...

Nice photos. When I want to relax, I lay on my bed with my feet up and look out the window at the sky, we are high up and by the ocean, so we can see the clouds moving by fast, and I daydream about my dream house and how I would fix it up!

marta said...

adorable blog. i'm bloglining you. happy discovery!

Colorsonmymind said...

Congrats for all the busi-ness

I finally fixed my links on my sidebar. I am sorry they were down so long.

I seem to run in circles when I am busy.

Hugs and love