Monday, November 03, 2008

Grateful Monday

Thanks for all your well wishes from here and from my other blog. Our hearts are so warmed! We have piles of emails from friends and family wishing us well and it feels so good to have so much support and care. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful folks! :)
I am 14 weeks along today and all seems just fine. No bump or belly yet to show for it but I know I have a few more weeks before anything will be visible. But, it's fun to lay down flat on my back...I can feel the lump of my uterus when I run my hand across my abdomen. Feeling it makes it feel even more tangible and real...I like to say hello to the baby that way and think nice thoughts of the future. I am still in awe that this is happening and I think I will be all the way to the finish. Each new day is one to celebrate and I'm certainly grateful EVERY day.

In other news, I must lend a special mention of condolence to my Aunt Pat. Her amazing partner Bob passed away very suddenly the other day. We are extremely saddened by this loss as he was such a gentle and loving person. I have always looked forward to seeing him and talking with him. I loved his warm energy. He'd always been so fun to talk with and was always so helpful. He would be the first to jump up to offer his help in any situation...even if it was to do things that weren't so fun. I definitely looked up to him and saw him as a firm member of the family. Even my tiny dog took an immediate shine to him and enjoyed being near him (a funny sight as he had a "lumberjack" look to him...a tall teddy bear...whereas Maren is a tiny 10 lb. mini dachshund.) But he was so gentle and spoke so softly to was a heart-melting kind of thing to see. I am still in shock over the news and can't quite wrap my head around the fact that he's now "on the other side." He will be sorely missed and I hope he continues to visit us all during all our future gatherings. He is always welcome here! Be well everyone. One thing I have learned in the past 2 weeks is to be sure and tell your loved ones how you feel about them. You think "there's always later" or "we'll get together soon" and then the unexpected happens. Don't allow yourself any regrets that you'd wished you'd said this or that. Just do it!
Have a good day everyone, I appreciate you for visiting and send my best to each of you.

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alicia said...

so sorry to hear about your aunts partner. hugs

How have you been feeling?? did you get any morning sickness? mine is finally gone, thank goodness! It is pretty neat hey??? I am so thankful for each day as well!