Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paige's Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement elements

The letterpressed announcement

Letterpress detail

The Birth Announcement first step

Hi friends!
I've finally finished mailing out the birth announcements I made for family and a few friends. They were quite the undertaking! But, I didn't want to skimp since I do this for a living and really wanted to do something nice for my own child. Also, these were very intensive to do and no client (or very few at least!) would ever order something like this (it's very cost prohibitive due to the time it takes to line envelopes, do a 2-color letterpress job, print and cut belly bands, etc.). Anyway, here it is! I lined most of the envelopes while still pregnant. I did the design while pregnant as well. The little insignia at the top with the "P" in it says "Little P est. 2009" And next to it says "P is for Paige".
After Paige was born, I updated the information in the design and sent out for the letterpress plates. I then printed all the belly-bands out on my inkjet printer and trimmed them. When my Mother in Law was here hanging out with Paige I finished lining the envelopes and even ordered a custom rubber stamp I designed to do the return address on the back of the envelope (and I can continue using the stamp for all my mailings now!) Then, on a Sunday, Chris spent the day with Paige while I letterpressed and trimmed her announcements down. I also assembled them all. And during her "naps" (they were short last week so I use the term loosely) or fussy evenings, I stuffed and addressed the envelopes. (that took all week!) It's finally finished and I'm happy with how it came out. Phew! I hope you like them too!


Colleen Kuerth : Truly Noted said...

Those are amazing! I love the colors, the envelope liners, the custom 'identity' just for Paige- just beautiful all around! :-)

mary said...

These are absolutely awesome. And what a beautiful photo to put with it! Her dress is so adorable!!

Morning Glory said...

LOVE IT...I loved your post about how you choked when trying to figure out a design...isn't it funny how we as designers are so hard on ourselves when we are designing something so close to us?

carrie said...

I found your blog through Lauren Makes. These are great!! What paper did you use to line the envelopes? It's beautiful!!

Kristin said...

Oh my this child is absolutely gorgeous with character already in her face that is just beautiful, confident and hope-filled. Love this!