Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Watercolor Painting 2

Watercolor 2
Thought I'd share the second painting we did in watercolor class. I'm happy with it; although we've had to work so quickly in the 2 classes it took to complete it. The teacher's demonstrations take up a chunk of the class. I'm looking forward to trying a painting on my own...now I just need to find a chunk of time for myself just for painting! You can view how my first painting turned out here.


mary said...

I absolutely love this! I'm serious -- I think you should add these to your Etsy shop. I'd buy one! :)

Megan said...

Thanks Mary! I hadn't really thought of selling the paintings...I guess I never thought they were sale-worthy! I guess I will have to reconsider...you've given me some food for thought and I'm so flattered you like it!

Allyson said...

Very cool to see the evolution of these... my favorite part is the strong shadows cast by the buildings on the right.

Colette's Cottage said...

I totally second the idea of selling watercolors on Etsy! It's just the sort of thing I would love- they're so peaceful and beautiful- I can't wait to see more!

L'Atelier Océane said...

You're painting very well! I don't believe it's your second class!
I've discovered your blog through a French one :) It's a very nice discovery :) I will for sure come back to read you!

Have a nice day