Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Currier Museum of Art

On Monday, I got to take the day off while Chris took care of Paige. So, I took a drive up to Manchester, NH to the Currier Museum of Art to see this exhibition. It was so great! I really took my time to read every single write-up description card and I studied each painting closely. I got so much inspiration and really enjoyed myself. I even got to see some of Andrew Wyeth's early watercolors in person...a rarity! These were the ones. I wish I had gotten to meet Andrew Wyeth. He'd probably be the one celebrity I'd want to meet if I got the chance. I'm still sad about his passing last year. But, we've been left with his amazing work so that's something to be glad for.
The exhibit is going on until June 7th, so if you are within driving distance I suggest you take the chance to go and have some quiet time to yourself and enjoy. (I even stopped in the cafe to have a yummy peanut butter cookie and a soda.) :)

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