Friday, November 17, 2006


When I was a kid I used to watch "Pinwheel," a show on Nickolodeon. I watched faithfully every single day. And now to this day I still remember certain segments and songs...the show had a variety theme in the way that Sesame Street had. One of the segments was about Simon, a little boy who drew things in chalk and they came to life in the Land of Chalk Drawings. He had his friends there and spent a lot of time there. I LOVED that idea as a child. Especially because I loved to draw so much. I find the idea endearing even today. Here's a You Tube showing below. (It's told like a story to children.) love it! Happy Friday!

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Juliet said...

I think about Pinwheel all the time! Every so often I go on you tube trying to find pieces of the show...untill I finally came across the intro of the show-remember how it's like clay animation of the snail making a cirlcle in the sand? Anyway, I love that you talk about it-the show was one of my fav's too. (=