Thursday, July 12, 2007

Book of Inspiration

Hi everyone! It's almost the weekend, hang in there! In honor of my upcoming birthday, I ordered myself this little gem of a soft-cover book. You can buy it here. It's a Japanese book all about Lotta Jansdotter and her life style. I'm a big fan of her products and an admirer of the "brand" she has created for herself. The book takes you into her studio (when she was in San Francisco) and home and where she likes to travel. It even shows tidbits from her sketchbooks. This book is just chock full of inspirational and lovely photos and bits; I just love it. While much is written in Japanese, there are still little "essays" written in both English and Japanese; so the English-speaking can still follow along with some of her thoughts. It's definitely an inspirational shot in the arm for me whenever I look at it and I instantly feel cheerful as I flip through the pages. Definitely for those who love a little bit of eye candy. Be well!

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