Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving! and a story or two

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; so "Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!" On the work front, this week I've done a few bits of client work and it's pretty slow because of the holiday. My holiday cards aren't selling; so I'm hoping it's just because it's still early yet. Fingers are crossed! I'm working on a birth announcement and some custom notecards so I'm at least having fun with those.
I never spoke much about our Curacao I will say that it was a lot of fun and involved a lot of sun exposure...I also read 7 books and did a lot of laying around. I think I have been so exhausted with everything that has happened with my health and our "issues" this year and I just needed to get lost in another world for a while (hence all the laying around and reading). I finally feel clear-headed and ready for life again. When our plane landed in Miami we had to rush to make our connecting flight to JFK. As we got on the elevator, a man rushed in at the last second. The doors shut leaving the three of us alone. The guy was behind us and started to talk to us (in a familiar voice) saying that he would bet money we were coming back from our honeymoon. I turned around smiling and said "naw, that was over 2 years ago...I'm sorry you'd have lost your bet...but we definitely like the compliment." I realized then that I was chatting with Joe Pantoliano. (has been in a bazillion tv shows and movies and is also popular for his work in "The Sopranos."
We exchanged jokes and jibes until the elevator doors slid open and we each rushed off to our destinations. What an outgoing and energetic man! Living in northern New England, I have never actually been near a celebrity like this before much less talk to one so it was a bit of a thrill. It feels funny even talking about it since he's just a regular person. But I talk about him like I've seen some sort of zoological treasure. Like "I've never seen a three-toed sloth IN PERSON before...Wow!" Anyway, the encounter added some extra interest to an otherwise dull day of plane travel. Speaking of seeing animals...we saw a cayote behind our house the other day walking along the edge of the treeline. It seemed to be looking right into our house. Peeping friggin' tom. It didn't look rabid or sickly or anything so I knew it wouldn't QUITE maul me when I tried to go outside...but still. It made me remember that there are dangerous things in the woods and going for a walk alone on that path would probably never be the best idea. I saw a fawn and a momma deer the other day in that same spot and my mind creates all of these sad scenarios between predator and prey. What I don't know won't hurt me. Anyhoo, I'll check back in another day or so, friends, after I've stuffed myself with food tomorrow in honor of the harvest and of all of our blessings.

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