Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tagged again!

Jeff has tagged me...it's hard to know what to write since I've been tagged a few times already. Hmm. Anyway, the game is to write 5 little-known things about myself. The challenge is to think of something interesting that doesn't bore the crap out of my small audience. So, I've decided to just write what comes to mind and it's probably boring so I will apologize now. I will try to make the stories as interesting as possible!
1. Since I was 6 I'd wanted to become an art teacher...up until I realized there were other careers that could be done with art. I then wanted to become an illustrator until I saw the competition out there and also decided I didn't have the attention span to focus on a piece for so long.
2. I love to listen to music from the 40s from an online radio station while I work. I find it is so chipper and tends toward being so innocent and happy. It just makes me happy and changes the atmosphere. I highly recommend trying it for a little while!
3. When I was 15 I had a crush on an older boy in my school. It took me weeks and weeks to get up the courage to ask him to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me. I called him on the phone (heart racing, palms sweating, mouth going dry) and I managed to croak out my request to speak with him. We'll call him "Frank" to protect identity. Well, "Frank" said "this is him." And I thought, oh boy, here we go. So I said it was me, and he seemed to light up with recognition and we made small talk. I finally mustered the courage to ask him to the dance and he started chuckling. Then he said "who is this?" And I said "Megan!" and he goes, "Megan SuchandSuch?" (as in, not MY last name) and I said "no!!!!" and he goes, "I think you have the wrong number; I'm 35 years old." He told me his FULL name and it turns out I had called the wrong number, but the guy happened to have the same first name and he knew someone named Megan. His voice even sounded correct. I wanted to die right there. I swear I wanted the Earth to swallow me whole. I hung up and burst into tears and was shaking like a leaf. I believe this has to be one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a shy 15 year old girl.
4. When I was single and lived alone, I used to go out do dinner or to movies all by myself all the time. Usually, the waitstaff would look at me funny when I said "just me". I'd bring a book to look at and enjoy my meal. I would get glances from people at other tables that seemed to say "what a weird0" but I eventually got used to it. One time I was at the movies at a morning Sunday showing at a small independent theater. I think the movie was "The Pianist." Anyway, it was filled with elderly people from the small town I was in. A little woman was sitting with her husband behind me and she shouts "that girl's date must have stood her up!! the poor girl!". Of course, she meant to whisper, but you know how it is when the hard-of-hearing talk to each other. Her row continued to chat about me as if I couldn't hear them. I turned around and smiled and said "it's ok. I came alone today." And she goes to her husband "such a lovely girl too! That boy is really missing out!!" *sigh*
5. I dream to one day own a Queen Anne Victorian house (not haunted)...one that is fixed up or needs just a little fixing. But has a huge old attic and maybe a secret passage or room. As a kid I was obsessed with trying to discover a secret passage in our house. I guess the dream hasn't died. A favorite show of mine is on HGTV called "If Walls Could Talk." It features houses that have interesting things about them like secret rooms, passages, or hidden notes tucked in the attic. It's fun to listen to all the stories as people discover the history of the house they live in.

I'm not going to tag anyone else, but I hope you enjoyed my little stories. Be well!!

P.S. I eventually DID go to the dance with that boy, but not after he said "no" to me first since he'd wanted to go with someone else. Well, she turned him down so he went with me after all. It was fun and everything, but I learned that we weren't a match and my crush slowly died after that. I'm glad those days are over.

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Jeff Cutler said...

You're still great and I miss working with you and seeing you regularly.

Hope all is going well - I'm doing my one-year writing sabbatical, no clients, just me writing for a whole year.

Stay in touch...and you can follow the sabbatical at my 'serious' site, jeffcutler.com.