Sunday, February 05, 2006

Motherdaughter (mixed-media collage)

This is the second painting I've done in over 6 years. It's the first painting I've ever done that had such a personal touch. The focal point is my mother (it's a color-copy of a photo she was in from around 1971 or so). The idea of it is that she was about to get married, which obviously brings in many thoughts about what the future will bring. An altered photo of myself is up in the air...sort of as a thought of what I might be if she were to ever have a daughter...and it turns out I look a lot like her. I have little symbols throughout that remind me of my tricycle, Mom teaching me the alphabet through little "Flintstones" workbooks, a little tree/stick I planted in third grade for Arbor Day (which ended up growing into a GIGANTIC Japanese Larch in our front yard), and other little doodads. The painting overall didn't quite come out how I'd imagined, but I like it just the same. Having just gotten married myself, I can see how the circle of life keeps going 'round and maybe one day I'll have a daughter too...what will she be like?

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