Monday, February 13, 2006

The Movie Tickets

Around 7 years ago; I'd started my first job out of college at a small advertising and marketing agency as a graphic designer. It was sort of an "old boys club" kind of place where I was more than half of everyone's age and one of few females. I was very ambitious...more than the job even allowed me to be. I worked on all the projects that could be had...little postcards and mailers, advertising, and brochures. I was so excited to just get the chance to do that sort of thing (and as was normal, the cool projects went to the Senior staff...2 freelance guys who were very brotherly to me.) Unfortunately, the Creative Director usually had me burning backup cds for the senior-level folks or faxing things or fed-exing things. (Great use of my hard-earned college education.) Anyway, 6 months went by and I had excelled at the projects they had sent my way as I'd been promised better work and a raise after 6 months. Being that I was a broke recent grad, I dreamed of the time when I would get a raise and could actually eat something other than Spaghettios each night. With all my excitement, the big review day finally came. I sat down in the silent office across from the Creative Director and listened as he mumbled on about the work I'd done. He gave me criticisms and praises...the standard sort of faire for these occasions. He slightly grinned and put his fingers on a white business envelope that was resting on the table. He slid it across toward me and said: "Here's a little something for your hard work." As I slowly opened the envelope, I saw 2 pieces of thin card-stock material....and I realized that there were 2 movie tickets in there. I felt like time stood still as I tried to figure out if it was a joke or not. "You can go out to dinner and a movie with your boyfriend" he said. (Thus answering the whole joke confusion) I didn't know what to say; I just sort of peeked back into the envelope and said "Is there money for the dinner in here?" I remember he wouldn't look me in the eye. I sort of stumbled out of the office in a confused haze. What had I done wrong? Anyway, I never did get a raise with that company (no matter WHAT I did). I have to question if I were a 55 year old man, would they have given me 2 movie tickets? What if I were a 55 year old woman? You know what's worse?--I don't even remember what movie I saw.

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