Thursday, August 24, 2006

Arty excitement!!

I'm so excited! I won a Print Gocco machine auction on ebay. I cannot wait to receive it. Now I can do small print runs by hand for new greeting card designs! I love the quality of how gocco prints come out. So textured and pretty. *sigh* I have a million ideas for cards; so I just have to find that one special one to start working on and setting up. Oh, why can't it be here NOW! :)
And in other arty excitement I am going to start getting into Polaroid photo-taking again. I love the arty look to the photos that can only be done on polaroid. And it is the perfect medium for snapping interesting every day objects and shapes. A unique way of looking at the world and noticing every day beauty. They aren't meant for landscapes or for macro shots (that is saved for the digital camera). But it IS fun for spontaneous self portraits and for taking shots of signs and other cool things that inspire. I'll post them to my flickr site when I get some good ones. Yay again!
As for this weekend; we have the Patriots pre-season game on Saturday night to go to. It will be fun to tailgate and game-watch when it's not 25 degrees outside. Go Pats!


Kim Carney said...

I have really wanted one of those, I never thought of ebay. Did they quit making those? Want to see what wonderful things you do with it

Megan said...

I'd always wanted one too, and then found out they'd discontinued around February of this year. I just contacted gocco and they told me they will continue to make the accessories for the next few years. I can't wait to get it! :)