Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flight of the Bumblebee

Last weekend we took a drive into Concord to see the downtown shopping area for the first time and to wander around part of Minuteman National Park. We had so much fun! There are so many little boutiques and antique stores all along several blocks. Lots of restaurants too. I loved it. We even found a great wine shop and a cheese store! And it only took 15 minutes to get there so I'm excited to have a new place to shop. The national park was beautiful. It's amazing to think of H.D. Thoreau and Nathaniel Hawthorn walking those same paths. What's more amazing is realizing the most important part of our Nation's history happened there. I took the posted photo trying to do a macro view of the flower and a bee flew in just as I took the shot. It startled me and I yelped! When I took a look to see the shot, I realized I'd inadvertantly gotten the bee in there! Kind of fun, though startling at macro view. Alienlike to say the least. At some point soon I will be posting some of my favorite photos of the excursion to my flickr site. (link is in my right list of web links)

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Colorsonmymind said...

I like that you caught the bee in action. Glad you found a cool place.