Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yikes! I've been tagged again (this time by 3 people on the same day, so I guess I'd better do it!). The game is: you list 7 habits/things about yourself and then "tag" other bloggers in their comments section to do the same. You list their links in the entry and onward it goes. I'm going to have to be a jerk this time because most of the blogs I read have done this already (and I've been so busy and stressed with work that I am now too lazy in my last few free minutes to scout out more people to do it). So, here's my 7 things (without tagging anyone else...sorry!)

1. When I eat Oreos, I try to isolate the filling part all-together. I eat the cookie from the top and carefully break apart the cookie on the bottom and eat it so all I am left with is a perfect circle of the filling to eat on its own. Lots of work. But keeps me from eating too many.

2. You know back when they used to make those black markers that smelled "toxic" but were addictive to breathe in? I loved those. Not in a crazy addict way... I just liked to take the cap off and smell that lovely scent every once in a while. Don't try to deny you've done it once or twice. I know I still have one stashed somewhere. Do they even make those anymore?

3. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. No, I don't wash my hands a million times or check the oven over and over. But I obsessively THINK. Really! When I let it get out of control I never sleep because I can't stop thinking and planning. It's like those nights you stay up worrying about things every once in a while... you know? And you can't get your mind to quiet down because you're planning the whole next day? Well, imagine that every single night. Forever. I've trained myself to NOT do it on cue (thanks to a helpful therapist and a lot of stupid practice; but when I'm stressed out I tend to plan my life years in advance when I should be sleeping! (No worries, it's under control.)

4. I recently learned that the song "Last Dance with Mary Jane" by Tom Petty is about Marijuana. How did I not know this? I've heard it called everything but "Mary Jane." Until now! I feel so enlightened! Or is that my special marker taking effect?....(kidding)

5. I love to concept my design work in little blank cloth books. I have some that Pottery Barn had put out a long time ago. I like to carry them around with me so I can write little words and ideas down as well as some sketches. You'll also see tons of lists...some repeating themselves (See No. 3 of this list).

6. I like to sleep. It's like a fun hobby for me. It's terrible...I like to sleep for 10 hours each night. Not that I get 10 hours every night, but it's what I prefer. If I only get 8 I feel like I've been hit by a truck. 10 always seems like the magic amount for me. One day I will have children and this will be an impossible dream. So for now, I make sure to relish it when I get 10 hours. (I hate relish by the way).

7. When I was in college I majored in Advertising Design. We had to take a bunch of studio electives throughout the time there so I took all figure drawing classes. And haven't done anything with it since. But at least the figure drawing was something I enjoyed. In fact, there's a lot of crap I haven't used since college. As for algebra from grade school times? Never used it. Never once. And do you know how many hours I slaved and toiled on that homework every day? How many nights spent worrying? I KNEW I would never need it. See? I was right. Not that I'm bitter or anything. I'm just saying...........

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. I've been freelancing for a corporate client (on-site) of mine by day and doing my own client work at night. Free time has been at zero; but hopefully soon I'll have a routine nailed down. Perhaps it's something I can think about tonight whilst trying to sleep? Or not....

Hope you enjoyed my list!! Comments accepted freely.


kristen said...

i sleep like that too. i feel bad when hubby comes to bed at 2 and is up before me but i'm in bed by 10/11 and up around 9. it's glorious when i sleep through the entire night. but now i'm up around 8 each morning and woken when my husband is up late watching tv.

marta said...

ooh, sleep yes. more more more. wish i were a kid again and it was part of my morning ritual to have a nap!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your list megan.

Have I told you that I would love for you to design my website. It is nice to tell myself you are too busy rather than I am too short on cash. LOL.

Love the pics on your website of you at work-and I love the orange circle on the turquoise like bar-two of my absolutely favorite colors:)