Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Today as a little inspiration bit: a favorite photo I found on flickr belonging to wikstenmade. Her photos are very inspirational for me: lots of colors and textures to see. This photo is a favorite of mine...I just love the colors in it. We all have favorite photos that call out at us, and this one grabbed me right away. She has a great blog too! Check it out. She's very talented and her clothes are just gorgeous; featured in her etsy shop too.

Am working today to clear up the basement studio area because it is actually being furnished and redone. We spent yesterday at Ikea (our first time!) rounding up the elements from the kitchen section that I want in my studio. Everything needs to be counter height...and today I picked out a robin's egg blue to go on the cement walls. We are going for a more industrial look down there since we aren't putting in walls right now. Anyway, I'll post before and after photos when applicable. Off to clean the walls and get going on the primer!


Julie said...

Hi! I wandered to your site via comments from Decor8, and I am so happy I did! Your designs and your writing are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your good finds and creativity!

Megan said...

Hi Julie! Thanks so much! I appreciate that. :)

Colorsonmymind said...

Hi Megan-

So long since we connected. I absolutely love this picture too. Wow.

I am trying to get around to blogs more often...so easy to pour myself into work the little time I have without the 2yr old.

Did I ever email you about the design you asked about a long time ago? I think it was the bird in flight?

Anyway I would be honored if you were to still be interested. Email me and let me know.

Ok off to read more of your posts.

I am so excited to see your studiop-it sounds fabulous. I was just thinking yesterday "I need more wall units for storage I should look at IKEA online".

Oh and I have been using a printing service that I love. I plan on retaking the upsidedown photo and plan on sending you a copy when I print it. I wasn't thrilled with the grainyness I got with it. Haven't been able to stop thinking about it.


Megan said...

Thanks Thea!
I'll def. email you! You are so sweet to think of me regarding your new printer/print! I love the one I have, so don't feel you have to resend. I understand, though, when something nags at you. :)