Thursday, October 18, 2007


One of three designs from my letterpressed holiday cards for 2007 on sale in my shop on November 10. These are to come in sets of 10 cards with coordinating green envelopes. Pressed on Crane's Lettra: soft cotton thick paper. Size folded: 3.5" wide x 4.875" high.


Laura said...

I love letterpress and am so excited to have a designer/printer right in my new hometown! I'll be calling you when I need baby announcements someday.

A quick question for you....I recently bought a carved wooden Indian handblock stamp at a store in Brookline and I'm looking forward to using it for some textile printing (onesies, flour sack dish towels, etc), but had also thought about doing it on paper. What type of ink would you suggest I use on paper? I'm guessing I would use a brayer and the same type of ink I used in middle school for linoleum block printing?? Any sources (local or online) for ink? Thanks!


Megan said...

Hi Laura! Nice to "meet" you!
Hmm. That's a good question. Like you said, I believe you use the same ink you'd used in school for that. I see some block printing ink online at Dick Blick; here's the link:

There are inks on there for fabric as well...I just did a search under "ink" and it came up with lots of choices. I've looked for this sort of stuff locally at Michael's in Chelmsford, but they didn't have it. Most art places around here didn't. Dick Blick online seems to be the place to get that sort of thing (and the brayer...but I think you can get the brayer locally if you needed it). As for paper, you might need to try a few types for different results. If it's toothy/textured paper your image might have little white patches in remember you might need to experiment with paper swatches to see what you like best. Good luck!