Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We went to the farmstand near our house over the weekend to get fresh corn and I grabbed this glass bottle of coffee milk. I'm sad it's gone, but I can just bring the bottle back and have it refilled recycled/reused. I love having coffee milk and love the's so tasty. Friends tell me that it's a New England thing and that you can't get the coffee milk syrup just anywhere. But I don't know; it seems hard to believe that. The basement studio area is cleaned out, primed, and my husband put on the first coat of paint this morning. Tomorrow will see the second coat of paint. Who knows when our furniture will arrive; I'm guessing it will be next the meantime I will be printing my holiday cards down there amongst the mayhem. I'm also looking for decorative papers and accessories for the space and all the little things that will make it "mine." Maybe I will post some fun things I find on this blog and share the discoveries. I'm off for now, we are going into Boston to see the show "Wicked" this evening. Have a great day!

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Suzanne said...

It's true about the coffee milk...I had never heard of it until I moved to Boston. And you don't see it in the stores here in NY. Have a great time at Wicked, you are going to LOVE it!