Thursday, February 07, 2008

Illustration love

Hi! I can't believe it's Thursday already. I don't understand where the time goes. Anyhoo, today I was thinking about illustration. I used to draw all the time (studied it in college even!) and I just don't make time to do it anymore. Not too long ago, I had a project for a birth announcement, baby shower invite, and baby stationery project that had an ocean theme where the client wanted it to feel babyish and whimsical. So, I drew little sea-life characters from memory (no visual aids) and was really happy with how they came out (they have a childlike quality to them). (I'll take pictures and show you tomorrow)I noticed that I have a very particular style when I draw from memory like's neat to see it come to life. I was perusing Anthropologie a few weeks ago and saw this book. It is HUGE and has a slipcover and everything. I sat in the store and paged through for quite a while...lost in the colors and forms. You may recognize some of Charley Harper's work from childhood science/biology books. He had a huge career and did so many things. He passed away last year and left the world to enjoy his huge breadth of colorful and whimsical illustrations of creatures great and small.

Well I just LOVE this book and plan to save up and own it myself. His work is so inspirational for reminds me that illustration comes in many shapes and styles. Harper's work is so clever and creative. To have your own unique style and look is a way to truly forge your own artistic path in the world-thus adding your own value and mark on things. (All images shown are Charley Harper's illustrations as shown in the book "Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life" by Todd Oldham)

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Laura said...

I've recently come to love Charley Harper (who I discovered from the publicity of this book). Am thinking of purchasing a few prints for my home--there's a gallery in Cincinnati that I found online that sells them! I so wish I had drawing talent/experience--I still draw like a 10 year old, but do enjoy it!