Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Macro fun

Hello friends! Today I thought I'd show you a few photos taken with my new macro lens (Canon 100mm). I've been needing something that can get in and take good detail shots of my work. This lens takes a lot of practice! You can see Maren's dog rolled in some dirt beforehand and the shot picked up the little pebbles in her fur. It's not perfectly focused...I would need a tripod and a perfectly still dog for it to have been sharper. But you get the gist. I tried out the new lens over the past few days as I took all new portfolio shots of my letterpress wedding suites...but it was all for naught as I am unhappy with how they came out. Not because of the lens, but because of my lighting. I'm struggling with getting professional looking shots. I built a "light box" but am having trouble finding lights that will do the job. I guess I'm learning a lot, so it's not all a total waste of time. I will try to redo the shots today using a giant outdoor flood light we have. It looks like it will do the trick, but I guess we'll see!


mary said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing.

I'm interested to hear/see how your shots go. I, too, have lighting issues and I'm such a newbie at photography that I'm still learning by trial & error. (And, in the simplest way possible - I am so bad at understanding technical photo jargon!)

Libby said...

hi megan! i just wanted to say hello. i have been reading your blog for a few months and you've been such a huge inspiration to me in terms of following your creative dreams. i actually just posted some macro shots on my blog gallantfoxgallery on blogspot last night. check out the title of my post....what a funny coincidence! you're right, it is very tough to use macro lenses but when it goes right it is lovely. take care!