Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rockport, MA

Hi friends! Wow, I'm so touched by all your lovely comments and emails. I feel like I've had several virtual hugs and I'm wrapped in so much support. Thank you so much. We are moving forward with a positive outlook and I know we are so close to realizing our dream of starting a family. Onward and upward! As I'd mentioned yesterday, we spent several days in Rockport, MA (and a full day trip to Salem, MA). WOW. I loved it in Rockport! As someone who grew up in southern Maine I am a bit used to the coastal "tourist" towns and it takes a lot to get me excited about one. I find that some are too "chic" and therefore boring with the same scenery over and over. Some are too "rustic" where there is not much to do but admire mother nature or deal with cheesy junk shops. I found Rockport to be perfect. It wasn't too crowded and was easy to get around. It didn't feel like a "tourist trap." There were lots and lots of gift shops (some kitchy and some more high end) and TONS of art galleries with lots of styles of art to choose from. I was so inspired as I walked through them all. We ate at a variety of amazing restaurants with magnificent coastal views (some of boats in harbors and others with rocky shoreline) and delicious food. We stayed at the Yankee Clipper Inn and had an amazing room in the Quarterdeck had a little sun porch with big picture windows overlooking the ocean. At the right angle it felt like being on a cruise ship looking out at the water. And they offer an AMAZING breakfast there. Heaven. The views at the Yankee Clipper had me sighing every few minutes. They have it landscaped with every kind of summery flower you could imagine. It was out of some sort of New England summer fantasy. As a fun fact, John and Jackie Kennedy once stayed there. Everywhere we drove in Rockport seemed to offer a different stunning ocean view...whether it be of a hidden cove, a majestic rocky shoreline, or a quiet inlet filled with boats. It had a little of everything and all in walking distance. I highly recommend going there and it's only 1 hour away from where I live, so I plan to go back frequently. I can't believe I've been missing out. It satisfied my nostalgia for home/Maine without the high gas prices to get there! And so ends my Rockport commercial. The results of our little trip have me very inspired and thirsting to start painting mind is swimming with different ideas (and I'm scared that I won't do anything about it because I'm not sure which ideas I want to pursue.) I have to pick a direction or two and see where they take me. (nervous wringing of hands) I'll never know unless I try, right?


mary said...

Sounds SO great! I have got to visit!

Anonymous said...

Children don't bring forth happiness. Happiness brings children forth.

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