Friday, October 03, 2008

Fact Checking

This election is making me crazy. So much information to sort through!!! The debates are interesting to watch but always leave me feeling overwhelmed. My husband emailed me this link this morning...a fact check website on all the statements from the debates. So, if there's something that was said that concerns you, you might find the statement here and what the real truth is. Hope this helps anyone out there who wants help sorting through the muck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Megan,

Thanks for the fact check link. Just wanted to warn you that CNN is highly democratic!!! They are very biased towards republicans so the facts they choose to research will probably make Obama/Biden look better than McCain/Palin. Fox News on the other hand, tends to go more rebublican. So even though your getting "facts" they will still be biased. Anything from the media is biased.

Megan said...

Thanks anonymous!
I did notice this, but still found it helpful overall. But it's important to note the slant.