Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Story

color story
Hey friends!
So, here are all the different color combinations I like. It's quite a few! I also included some favorite possible envelope choices from Paper-Source. And off to the left you can see some favorite little swatches for envelope liners that Paper-Source JUST started selling...customized and cut and ready to go! It's pricey, but saves time. There are other liners I like as well, but I wanted to show a few. The color combos just show what I'm thinking in my head in terms of the big picture. Perhaps 2 swatches make up the inks on the card, while the other is the envelope or potential belly band. Or perhaps 3 swatches will make up the inks, and the others suggest what the envelope and liner might be...
What do you think? My favorites right now are the top right row and the 3rd one down on the right. That 3rd one down would go well with the little red & pink blossom envelope liner. The top row would go well with the swirly liner seen in the bird dish. Both seem fresh, fun, and girly enough and not overdone everywhere. Hmmm.


Allyson said...

I quite like the 4th one down on the right... reminds me of her beautiful, cheery nursery. But I guess with a little girl, pink is never wrong... so I love the cherry blossom motif as well. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Hope you're feeling well in the final weeks!

Bespoke Press said...

Gorgeous colours, so happy and fresh!