Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hunter Wellies
Hi everyone! It's been pretty quiet around here as I wait for Little P's arrival. She's due on May 4th but could come any time. I've had to slow everything down with work since I am moving so sluggishly and painfully these days and am exhausted most of the time! I often wonder what I will do on the creativity front once Little P is here. And I've decided to just wait and see. I don't know what I will or won't be able to handle. But I do know that I'll be sure to keep creating, and I already know I'll be thinking of new ideas for new cards to go in the shop. I can't stay away for long! I guess this is a time where I am hunting and gathering inspiration. There are so many things out there that inspire me every day and I'm so bad at sharing them here. So, I think I'll try to focus on improving that...and show you the kinds of things that run through my head. If I'm not actually MAKING something, I can at least show you my thinking process and the things I'm noticing around me. I'll start tomorrow since I'm off to eat a cookie and soon will take a nap. Be well everyone, and thanks so much for your patience with my sporadic posting! In the meantime, I will throw on my Wellies and take Maren for a nice walk to the pond this afternoon. Spring is on its way!

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