Thursday, July 27, 2006

All is well! Yesterday I worked on-site for a was a very busy day! Lots to do. It was a lot more harried there than I've gotten used to working at home. I felt tired when I got home last night from all the action. So far today I did some client work and sent out invoices. I went shopping at this little boutique...they always have such cute finds! It's rooms and rooms of pretty things...clothes, furniture, art, objects, toys, name it. And the fact that it's a short drive to the center of town doesn't hurt either! Here are some photos I took the other day:

The grasshopper was hiding in the grass amongst the purple flowers. I spotted him; he didn't seem to mind that I took his photo. We're neighbors after all. Not much else going on; just reading blogs and brainstorming art ideas. I've been coveting these blogs lately: loobylu and heather. Another fun one is's endless with inspiration and fun. Okey doke, I'm off to clean a bit of the kitchen and eat (garlic tortellini with pesto sauce is on tap for the night). Mmmmmmmm....


Romina Bacci said...

ohhhh i love *little boutiques*
i'm curious about what you bought :)

i hope you enjoyed your pasta!!

Megan said...

I bought an embroidered short-sleeved knit cardigan, a cotton blazer, also had embroidered flowers,
a preppy grosgrain ribbon mini barette, and 2 candles. :)