Friday, July 28, 2006

Eyes on me...

Yikes! I finally called my eye doctor today. I've been having problems with "red eyes" and other issues with them every time I wear my contacts. It's been a nightmare this past month. I've never had problems before after 14 years of wearing them. So, I'm now wearing my out-of-date prescription glasses that I hate and can't see all that great through. I just want my eyes to feel better!! Hopefully, it's just a lens fitting issue since I recently switched brands. Anyhow, I have an appointment for a week from now. I ordered new up-to-date eye glasses today; and have to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday for those. I'll make do; it could be much worse. On the way home, I stopped at the library and read some magazines (much cheaper than constantly buying them!) and checked out a book on Leonardo DaVinci (I love books about him...) and one on the anatomy/drawing of wildlife animals. It's very detailed in terms of different poses and scenarios for every kind of critter. Good for studying! As for DaVinci, I just love his line quality and his drawing style. It just captivates me; his notebooks are amazing. That was one curious man I'll say! I like to get out a magnifying glass and peruse all the little details of his work. Endless fascination for me! And finally, below is a photo I like that I took after the Fourth of July fireworks up at Great Pond in the Belgrade lakes of Maine. It was pitch black outside and this little area was lit by a porch light. The photo, while not totally accurate to what our eyes saw, it reminds me of some sort of children's book illustration. Very luminous. :) It's a favorite of my husband and myself.

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