Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Pain in the Butt

As promised, here is our new backyard retreat. We have a little outdoor firepit/stove (perfect for s'mores and roasting marshmallows). Toward the right back by the hose, you can see a bamboo-like structure...that is our outdoor fountain. Water trails from the top "tube" and flows down through each tube. Sounds a little like a small waterfall. The hammock is fun, although I sat out today in my bathing suit ready to ponder my work when this black bug (not sure WHAT it was...) flew at me out of nowhere and flung down into the hammock. I squealed quite loudly and fell off the side of the hammock along with my notebook and pen. Sprawled on the ground, I felt a stinging pain on my right butt-cheek. The damned thing bit me in the behind!! I started to get scared and in a flash I whipped down my suit bottom to check to see if whatever bit me was in there. Thank goodness it wasn't. And thank goodness the neighbors weren't home! Our backyard is pretty private luckily. Not that I cared at that point in my freaked out state. I scared away my little chipmunk friend I'd been watching...I'm sure he was laughing at me from the bushes behind the rocks. Anyway, I'm working INSIDE for right now; as my butt heals. I worked a little more on my painting this morning...baby steps. The front empty part will be very detailed and I'm sure it will take quite a long time to do. So, I've spent a lot of time getting all the background finished up so I can focus my attention to the front. Since it will go in the dining room I really want to do a good job on it and not just rush through like I normally might. (I don't have much patience). Here it is so far.
It's a start at least. I've also decided to post my inspiration board / and one of my desks.

It's got visual treats that I really enjoy looking at lately.

It's got 3-d objects and flat objects on there. I have some fabric items I have yet to hang. And on the desk you can kind of see a rubber ducky painting laying flat that I will put up for sale on my etsy shop at some point soon. I found that I really enjoy painting "non-reality". Landscapes have their place, but I like painting little characters and critters. I'm thinking I will have to expand on that idea as I move forward. I get totally energized and excited when I paint things like that and that's what I'm going for. Well, the rest of the day will be spent getting cleaned up and getting done some client work before Chris gets home from his softball game tonight. Tomorrow I will be working for a client on-site so it will get me out of the house for a bit which is always fun. Hopefully nothing will bite me in the behind there too!


alexthegirl said...

Your back yard looks amazing! How cosy!

Megan said...

Thanks! It's a bit of a dream realized for us. :)

Romina Bacci said...

sorry about that :(

good luck next time, it looks really inspiring to work in your backyard.

so far i like what i see in your painting, can't wait to see it finished, NOW take all the time you need in this case ;)


Megan said...

Thanks for the sympathy! My bum is much better now anyway. It's fun to be in the backyard now; before it was empty and all you could hear was the whir of the air conditioning generator thingy.:) As for the painting...still haven't done anything else with it yet!