Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Penguin Love

Hi everyone!
Ugh; I'm still fighting my cold from hell. I finally got to the doctor today and she prescribed some antibiotics and other goodies. I hope I'm on the upswing now! I feel like a permanent lump on the couch. I'll have to be surgically removed. This past weekend I had some free time and pressed some new cards...they are flat notecards with rounded corners with a little mint green king penguin with baby. They're just a little fun design that are also professional. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of designs I want to do; and realize that I like the more frilly/girly looks. But, there is so much design out there that already fits that bill; I want to be different and provide designs that suit anyone's needs; both personally and professionally. I find that I like to hand-write notes when it comes to business matters and many designs out there are too frilly to feel professional. So I've decided to focus on designs that can be used in that capacity and still be fun for personal use. I have lots of ideas for future designs to work as flat notes like this; it's just a matter of getting plates made and getting to it. What was fun about the penguin cards is that thet didn't take nearly as long to produce (since the design is one color and simpler). I really enjoyed working on them; it was both relaxing and fun. They are now up for sale on my etsy shop if anyone is interested!! Have a great day everyone!!

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Romina Bacci said...

Hello you :)
I've been with a terrible cold last week too :( Luckily I'm feeling like myself again. Hope you get better soon or you'll have to buy a new couch!!!! hehehehe

Love this penguin card! And reading how you analyse every idea you have ;)

I've finally made that meme, check! check!

Love to you and have a nice weekend sweets. xoxoxo