Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Weekending!

Hello everyone!
This morning I was taking off my deep red nail polish when I heard a knock at the door. I bounded down the stairs with my tissue soaked in polish-remover and already red-stained. (That stuff is SO HARD to get off!) There was a friendly looking guy on our porch with his Bible and pamphlets. It was cold out so I decided to give him a break and let him give me a pamphlet. He stared down at my hands and looked back up at me puzzled. He left pretty quickly and I thought; "Wow, that's the fastest Jehovah's Witness visit ever!" (I like to be friendly to these people because they are trying to do something for their faith; which is better than trying to rob me. And I've gotta give them credit for standing behind their religion even if I'm faithful to my own.) I shut the door and realized that my fingers looked bloody; as did the deep red tissue. Heh heh. He thought he walked in on some sort of crime scene when the real crime was my choosing deep red nail polish. I'm repentant! It's a busy weekend of working ahead. I haven't had much time for rest and relaxation lately. I've been in Boston working for a client every day (it's a 2-hour commute time each way) and I've been working on my own work and other client work during my weekends. I've got a big presentation next week that I am preparing for and need to finish designing a whole bunch of things today and tomorrow. Rush Rush Rush!!! Hopefully I can stop and breath much going on in my head! I thought I would post a few photos today. The first is of the beloved Chili made for me by my husband on Valentine's Day. (Thanks again!!) It's made with pulled pork...which I don't normally like, but is so good in chili. I also posted a photo after the latest snow we had. I just loved the morning sky looking up in our back yard. And finally; me in my office. Looking tired; no makeup, hair in a mishapen bun, and ready to work through the weekend. Have a good one, all!


michelle said...

Oh how yummy looking!

Les said...

Awesome. I'm always interested in hearing new ways to gracefully excuse myself from a preachin'. The smell of acetone might have given him a clue what was really going on if he ever had a girlfriend. Maybe since it was deep red he assumed you can't be saved! Haha. :)