Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't mess with the T

Hello! Well, the doctor who did the procedure on me yesterday called me back. He couldn't give me specifics since he's not officially MY doctor. But, here's some quotes of what he said:
1. "generally speaking, women with a t-shaped uterus have poor pregnancy outcomes"

2. "many women with the t-shape go on to eventually have a healthy viable baby

3. "many miscarriages before 10 weeks aren't because of the t-shape...the t-shape tends to cause later miscarriages" (this did not feel good to hear at all!!)

4. "looking at YOUR x-rays, I would say you have a slight t-shape. It's there, but not bad. I've seen much worse cases. I would guess that you should have a positive outcome at some point. Of all the t-shapes, this one is a better one to have."

So, I guess it's not all bad news. It's possible. I will find out more details in a few weeks when I get to meet with my actual RE to go over all the numerous results from all my testing. The bottom line is: I have to keep trying. And there's nothing I can do to control the outcome except for trying to relax and not obsess (that's a knee-slapper).
This next project was for a client as a gift to his wife for Christmas. They were small folded notecards using his requested scallop shell as a motif with her name on the bottom. Very simple, printed with blue ink on 100% cotton Crane's Lettra letterpress paper. He emailed me to say that the cards were a hit, so I'm glad it worked out! The simple designs seem to be a bit in fashion right now. I am currently working on some designs for generic folded notecards that have more interesting designs on them as a change of pace and more fun for me. But I'm buried with work lately (a good problem!) so my personal projects for sale have been a bit on hold. I'll talk more about that tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!


Laura said...

I'm glad to hear it's not all bad news from yesterday, but it's got to be so frustrating that your body isn't cooperating with your plans. I'm hoping for the best for you!

betsy said...

Oy. Ten years ago and I still remember my HSG very clearly -- my male GP said there might be some cramping. Holy hell. Like he knows what it feels like.

I'm glad you phoned the RE back, and that the news was better than expected. Do your research on T-shape uteri (now, that's a weird word!) and have a list of questions for your follow-up appointment. One thing I would really press your RE on is taking progestrone as soon as you have another positive pg test.

And yeah, the "just relax" advice is so very helpful. *eye roll*

Sending positive thoughts, and lots of peace and strength your way, Megan...

mary said...

Sending some good luck your way :)

Love the cards, two of my favorites: blue, and anything to to with the ocean.

Keep up the great work!!