Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day!

Today is Martin Luther King Day...many people have the day off. My husband doesn't, so I am working as well. Although I'm updating my 2007 tax spreadsheets (FUN!!!!) and filing papers from a huge stack (a mini Mount Everest of receipts and paid bill stubs). Ah, the glamorous life of self-employment...where every scrap of paper is scrutinized with the question: Can I write this off?
I've managed to complete a stack of work for my greeting card/stationery company client by today's deadline. The next deadline is coming up quick, so I'm catching my breath. I spent the weekend working on that and printing envelopes for a bride-to-be. A good portion of Sunday found me watching the NFL playoff games. Go Patriots!!! No, I'm not a football fan. But I was determined to sit still on the overstuffed chair for a long period of husband had the games on and I was determined to be lazy. It worked out.
Today's images are from a Save the Date folded card I designed last was digitally flat printed with a local vendor. The bride-to-be wanted something very preppy and beach-y since she is getting married on The Cape. She wanted to include a message to her guests and also the hotel options in the area, so I thought a folded card would be a good way to fit all of her requirements in and still be easy to save in a drawer or tack to the fridge. She sent the card in a bright green envelope that coordinated perfectly. A fun project for what will be a fun wedding! See y'all in this space later!

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