Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A random pile in my office; pencil case from Koch Handbags.

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I've been so absent. I've been so busy with business that I've had to put any blogging to the back burner. I'm back and I'm loving the nice warm weather! We took advantage over the weekend and went hiking on both Saturday and Sunday; both in different spots. Maren loved it...getting to see all the people and all the other dogs she's never seen before. We even passed by lots of people on horseback. It was nice to get out into nature and away from the television or computer. We've decided to reconnect through hiking a lot more from now on. Sometimes I get so involved with my work endeavors and with blog-reading that I forget to enjoy living my life. I forget to slow down and notice everything around me. To stop and enjoy my husband and pup. These things, in turn, will inspire me later. But I have to stop and MAKE TIME. And more importantly...DO SOMETHING. I like it!

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mary said...

LOVE that little case! Good to see you back posting, but even better to know you're busy with your work. I so hear you with the time-management struggles...and I'm fighting with it every day. One day at a time, I guess!