Monday, April 28, 2008

elephant baby

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was just fine thank you. My poor husband is terribly sick with a super-cold. Well, it's not SUPER, it's BIG. He's home from work today and I'm hoping he feels better soon! He's not having much fun. Meanwhile, I've been busy in my little office working away. I designed the birth announcement shown above recently for a was letterpressed by a friend of hers. She was kind enough to send me one and I'm so pleased with the way it came out. (it's always a thrill to see the finished product after your hard work) This new mom was a great art director and knew just what she wanted. That made the project so easy.
My tip for anyone out there thinking about ordering a custom product from a designer: brainstorm in advance and think about what it is you would love to have. Think of your favorite colors, your favorite subject matter, and consider what sort of feeling you want the piece to have (fun, classy, preppy, traditional, cute, sophisticated, etc.) It even helps to find ideas you like online and other places to show the designer the types of things that you love. No, the designer cannot copy an idea already out there, but this will help the designer by giving a specific direction of style to go on rather than flailing all over the map for an idea.


mary said...

Adorable, as always! I love the color combo and the little "stitched" border.

Megan said...

Thanks Mary!

amy said...

so cute...i love the mix of upper and lower case in the name! {and the color combo}