Monday, August 18, 2008

Cool Stuff-Pinocchio

I used to love the story of Pinocchio as a child. I never tired of the idea that you can wish on a star and make your dreams come true. I also loved the idea of a toy coming to life and being my friend. (not coming to life and being evil...but my fear of clown dolls is a story for another day)
I came across this charming figure and it brought me back to that innocent time.

It's called "Ciao Pinocchio" designed by Fabio Piazzesi in Italy.
What's cool about it is it's handmade with FSC-certified beech
and embellished with non-toxic paint. He moves every which-way thanks to 33 jointed pieces. (I always loved pose-able figures!) The kicker is: his nose grows. Yep, there's an internationally patented hidden lever behind his hat that enables the fabled "growing liar's nose."
You can get one for yourself here.
Photo from Canoe's online shop.


Anonymous said...

Do they come with "Dream Hankies" for those liar's noses?

That would surely keep the dreaded clown dolls away :^)

What a beautiful morning!!!

mary said...

How clever & cute! I love it.

Claire, said...

Oh how cute, non toxic paint is key these days, scary to think a toy one gives ones child could be toxic. And his nose grows, and he has joints more flexible than my own! Cute.

(I don't know anyone who likes clowns, too creepy)