Monday, August 04, 2008

Grateful Monday

Macro photo of the inside of the Lily flower that is growing on our front porch...we will soon be planting it in our yard.

Hello again, friends! It's Monday again...the weeks go so quickly! The hot, sticky, thick air has finally lightened to a cool refreshing breeze outside. It's still hot, but in a good way. It's rained several times per day here for several weeks in a row now. Endless thunder storms! But, bright happy sunshine prevails in between and yesterday, as I drove home from my cousin's son's first birthday party, I watched a rainbow hang in the sky in front of me for the entire 2 hours. I like to think of that rainbow as a sign of things to come, not just light bouncing off the moisture in the sky.
I am now finished with my online portfolio update and find myself working on lots of quotes for potential clients between doing design work. I think I will take a nice walk in this newfound fresh air before it is gone again. Just another small way to enjoy what I have right in front of me before it slips off without my noticing. And then, it will be back to work.

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mary said...

What a lovely post about truly being aware (and appreciating) the little things around you. I loved it!