Friday, August 01, 2008


Hello all! I have finally finished the update of my design samples section of my website. Click in there and you will see that each header has its own little sliding show of images. You have to have Flash Player to view it. I'm very happy with how all the pictures came out. You will also see some new work that wasn't in there before. A neat feature of the show is that if there are notes, you can put your mouse in the notes/link area (the little area just above the square thumbnails) the descriptive info will pop up into view. Not everything has a note, but you will be able to see when it does. Now, I just need to tackle the "news" section of the site. There's been a lot that's gone on since I've launched and I never gave myself a chance to update in there. Hopefully that will be remedied as soon as possible. Time for a much needed break! Happy Friday! I will be back next week with some Show & Tells and other bits. I'll be able to post a bit more now that this update is complete. Phew! Cocktails anyone?
*update* The "news" section has been updated now as well! There you can find articles and write-ups on the Megan creates business and some of the products I sell.

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mary said...

It looks great! I really love the burlap background - it shows off the colors of your work and provides a nice texture.

Now, go. Go! Enjoy some cocktails!!