Thursday, February 05, 2009


Magazine spreadaccordian folder
Hi friends!
I'm finally starting to get organized around here! I picked up these great desk accessories from Barnes & accordian-style file folder and 2 report keepers with clear sleeves. I've been going through and clipping my favorite articles out of my stash of magazines so I can throw out what is left and save some space. I put the pages into the clear sleeves and voila! I now have my own custom magazine of favorites! One thing that bothers me is that most of my favorite mags come in a square size bigger than the standard letter format, so those pages have yet to find a home. My accordian folder is now home to all coupons, bills to be paid, bits to tend to, gift cards, and the like. With each having it's own slot, it makes finding all the little loose papers that build up in life a breeze! P.S. I finally have a new blog header up, all thanks to Lyndsay at Banners by Lyndsay!


mary said...

I've been scanning all my magazine tears onto my's been a huge life (and clutter) saver. Your files are so pretty, though!

And that magazine tear you have with the garland...I love it! What is that from?

Megan said...

Hey Mary!
Thanks! The tear is from the current (I think!) Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.The whole article is great, and all the styling is awesome. I got a lot of good tears from the issue.

Nikole said...

gorgeous new banner!

Birdcage Cards said...

I am in love with that owl lamp! Where ever did you find it?

Megan said...

Thanks!!! My husband gave it to me as a Christmas Gift. It came from Anthropologie. They have a cute snail one, too, that is very similar.