Tuesday, February 03, 2009


working breakfastGood morning! I hope everyone is well today! It's a busy day as I am working on several wedding projects and a few corporate projects. Breakfast has been enjoyed at my desk as I caught up on emails and other small business-y items. There's nothing like fresh pineapple from the fruit itself. Chris cut one up for me last night and it just tastes so much better than the canned junk. It's so great in the winter-time...brings back summery thoughts. And we can't forget little Maren who likes to lay behind me in my office chair (as my lumbar support)...she snakes her head around and rests it on my hip to stare dreamily at my food as I eat.
Maren stares


The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I agree fresh fruit is so much better,,,your dog is a cutie, Lisa

ViVy said...

You have a nice blog.
I came here from the Sabry's blog.
Greetings from Argentina =)