Friday, February 20, 2009

See Jane Work

Life is filled with lame and mundane tasks...particularly office tasks like filing bills, organizing receipts or coupons, etc. Why are most office supplies so boring or ugly??? In the past I always just ran to the nearest drugstore or giant office supply center to grab what I needed and ran home. But then I was surrounded by ugliness that made said tasks even more lame. The shop See Jane Work has solved this issue and I'm thinking that now it's worth a few extra bucks to have pretty things to work with and boost my mood that little extra bit during the day. I encourage you to browse the shop and see what calls out to you; there's a ton there! Here are some (although I loved pretty much everything) of my favorite things I saw:

Small Document Box

Recife Ballpoint Pen

Shaped Paper Clips

Semikolon Classic 3" 3-Ring Binder


Colleen Kuerth : Truly Noted said...

I just got the classic three-ring binder and I love it! Very useful for organizing materials for all my different clients. I also got the pen pocket which I highly recommend.

Montanna said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who blogged about organizational things! I LOVE See Jane Work! :) BTW, thanks for your comment. Sometimes things don't really make sense until you hear it from someone else. We do make time for the dentist or an oil change, why not 'make' time for ourselves and our family. I'm going to try scheduling some time, I think it'll be a step in the right direction! Thanks!!!!!!! <3