Monday, February 16, 2009

Pancake Meow

I'm loving these prints from Pancake Meow...the colors and the style of illustration are great for a child's room or to liven up an office space. As you know, I love whimsical styles and colors! They are also very affordable at $12 per piece! The first one shown (I'm most partial to this one) is called Piroska the Persnickety Painter. The one below that is called Gretchen Gum Shoe.


*plum*tree*studio* said...

i have the second one you featured. i loved all the colors they used in the print. they were here in atlanta this past december for a big craft show. their artwork is adorable with a side of humor. by the way..i have been following your other blog me and wee. it's helped me to remain positive and hopeful. congrates on all the wonderful responses to your did a beautiful job.

augusta said...

Arrived here from your flickr stream =)
Love the style too! reminds me of Fiep Westendorp, dunno if you know her work, she's amazing IMO!