Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another weekend...

This evening I filled in my Illustration Friday sketch from last week with paint. It's posted here. I was worried I would ruin it since I'm new to watercolor, but I think it came out alright.

Earlier this week I got an email from the community center saying that the pastel class I'd signed up for was completely cancelled by the teacher. Boooooo! I was so bummed...I was really looking forward to trying something different like that and meeting new people. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a different class I might take sometime. In the meantime, I'm going to use the time that would have been for the class and just explore different/new art media. I've been inpsired by collage...I think I'd like to try my hand at that and see how I do. I've never done artistic collage before. My head is swimming with ideas though; so that's a good sign! Today I got an image transfer tool so I could try different effects with laser copies and imagery by melting them onto canvas. I'm excited at what it will bring!
Chris is away this weekend with friends in Vermont so I am using this time alone to do some creative stuff. I spent most of the morning loafing around and watching home improvement television. HGTV is so addicting! I can't peel away after the first 10 minutes of a show because I need to find out how the whole project turns out! It's worse than Lifetime TV. I managed to get off to the craft store to pick up some materials and then, of course, to get groceries. Which I hate doing. The weird thing is, today I kind of enjoyed it. I hate admitting that. I sort of slowly strolled the aisles rather than my normal speedwalk. It's a new grocery store, so it's never really crowded, which is nice! I hate feeling like it's a roller-derby in there. I can never compete with the Moms and their bevy of children with them. I always have to squish to the side to let everyone through. It's only right. After several aisles of doing that, it gets tiring. Especially when a boy with slimy-looking hands throws food at me or tries to trip me. Jerk. Ugh. One day, I'll have kids and have to make my way through the aisles...I'll have to start planning now on how to keep them near me and keep them from playing pranks on our fellow shoppers. Short of duct tape and leashes, I haven't come up with much yet. But I have some time to figure it out. Anyway, this new store hasn't been crowded and it's been refreshing.

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Ellen said...

LOVE the colour blends! GREAT job!!!!