Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Creative Couch Time

This week has been so lame so far. I have chronic hives (mainly caused by pressure on my skin) and this week they have been so particularly bad....welts all over me and really swollen and itchy/burny. Thank God they aren't on my face. Anyway, it got so bad that I had to leave work (it causes severe pain in my joints as well) so I've been on the couch for a day and a half looking like "Pizza the Hut" from the movie Spaceballs. So much for my creative plans this week! Oh well. Anyway, while I was on the couch I went through several home design magazines I like and cut out little inspirational pictures I like (mosly of art) and glued them into my sketchbook (mainly colors and themes that I liked a lot) and I actually think I found what I'd like to paint! I don't want to say just now what that is, but I found a commonality between all the things I cut out. I saw common colors and line treatments and other things that all seemed to call out to me. I just have to put them together.
I've been struggling for a while now deciding just what it is I want to work on. I finally think I've figured out what I'd like to try and it feels really good to have a starting point now! It could take me in any direction, and that's ok. I'm just excited to feel that "zing" again when you come up with an idea you really are excited about. I've missed that "zing." Hopefully I can start this weekend! Tomorrow will be a busy catch-up day at work and Friday I'll be gone all day at a photo-shoot at the airport. I can't let another weekend go by without having started SOMETHING with my fine art side. :) Anyone out there have any advice or comments on breaking a dry art spell? Feel free to comment! Thanks!


Blurbette said...

I'm a big blog-hopper and find many ideas online. I print them and add to my sketchbook. I hop around at crafter sites. There are so many possibilities with handmade crafts. I can incorporate a variety into one project.

Mike said...

I sit down to a good movie, or go for a drive. When I find that I have hit a dry spell, I let it run it's course. The dry spell is my way of soaking up all the inspiration around me to get that drawing pad back out and let the portals open, the flood gates will drench the ideas around you. Good luck!