Sunday, January 15, 2006

Illustration Friday Topic: E is for...

E is for Ear-Piercing Scream!
I did this quick cartoon while watching tv. We live near a snow-tubing and ski park. I imagine this kid going down the hill for the first time ever on a taboggan. You never realize how quickly you gain speed until you're already half-way down and want to stop! I'm considering painting it in with watercolor...which I'm not so great at but I guess I have to start somewhere, right?
This is one of my first doodles I've done in years. I'm building my way up to working on paintings again by starting with little doodles and sketches in my sketchbook. I figure that will help me get my feet wet again. I definitely need practice!
Today is Sunday and while I love having the day to do whatever I want, I also have that dread of going back to work tomorrow! I think we all experience that. I just know that putting too much focus on the ol' day job has put a lot of unneeded stress on myself and had thrown my balance in life out of whack. I've been doing much better lately with the whole issue, but it takes a lot of practice and reminding to keep it up. I'm excited for what's ahead! My plan is to do a few little sketches and doodles each week and build my way up to working on bigger projects. I've been so scared for so long to get back into it. I'm just sick inside over how I haven't let my creative self come out. I have a lot of mending to do now in that area.
I've enrolled in a Pastels starts this Thursday night. I was never good with chalk. I tried to do it in college, but it was a dreadful outcome. But there wasn't a whole lot of instruction at the time in that media; so I was left pretty confused. This class is my chance to figure out what I'm doing wrong with it and hopefully improve! It will be fun to get out and meet new people in my town and also get to do my art. And NOT for a grade! (Since it's a community adult education class). No pressure= happy art. At least for right now. Wish me luck!


Tony Sarrecchia said...

I love the look of terror on his face. Great job!

Ellen said...

This is a wonderful sketch and I hope you post a follow-up in watercolour when it's done!

Rosemarie said...

I completely relate to where you are right now Meg! I feel like i am in the same boat. The sketch is great - keep it up! Let me know how your pastel class goes - i am going to start some classes myself, i've lost sight of the creative me. Remember the days of our "original thoughts" and freedom of expression - even if it was for a grade. have a great time!! Looking forward to seeing more drawings!