Monday, March 05, 2007

Polaroid love

Hi everyone! I'm back in action working at home again. This month I am designing concepts for a wedding, an adoption family album, a birth announcement, and a baby shower/thank you notes set. All of these are the most fun kinds of design and I'm excited to get started! I've decided to spin my business more in this direction (and still offer corporate design too). I'm thrilled about the future! I tried to do some letterpress work this past weekend and it just won't work right now. One of my freakin' rollers melted (long story) so I have to try and order all new rollers. ARG. I will order rubber rollers this time and hope that they are consistent and work. Letterpressing has been very frustrating for me so far. But, when it worked (however briefly) I loved it. I just have to keep at it and know that it will work out for me soon. My parents visited me recently and Dad brought me his Polaroid Land Camera (230). He got it when he was in Vietnam for the war; from a general store for the soldiers. He says a guy called Smitty helped him get it going. I love that. Circa 1968-1969. The battery (probably close to original) is corroded inside the chamber so I have to try and clean it up and then locate a new kind of battery to use. I'm excited to get it going and I hope it works. I'll post on it, of course, once I know and I'll be sure to show the photos. This weekend I actually didn't work. My friend Sue came to visit and the three of us went snow-tubing at Nashoba Ski area in our town. It was so fun; as it was my first time. As a child I always used a plastic rectangular sled on our hill at my parents' house. On occasion I'd go with a friend to some "extreme" hilly golf courses and sled there too. But those were more like cliffs; so I called it "extreme sledding." The snow tubing park had very particular lanes and the hill was long and high compared to what I was used to. I about had a heart attack on the first run since it was so icy and fast. Once I got used to the speed I had a blast. We're definitely going back! As the time went by, the slope started getting a bit melted from the balmy 48 degree weather so the sledding got a bit slower. We're looking forward to it getting a little colder outside so we can go back and have prime speed. :)


michelle said...

Oh how exciting, a real vintage camera, complete with emotional attachment, yuppeee! My boyfriend gave me a polaroid camera when we first began dating and I love, love, love it still! Have fun with it!

Les said...

I had the same impression of the Nashoba snow tube runs. Getting air on my first run caught me a bit off guard, but I was taking running starts in no time.