Monday, March 12, 2007

One Year!

Hello everyone!
I've officially been freelancing/working for myself for a year now. The time has flown by! I've loved every second of it. I'm much more relaxed in my life now and I don't have that tight/angry feeling in my chest I used to have when I worked my 8:30-5:30 job. My goals have been evolving over the year and I'm feverishly working on wedding invitation designs and birth announcement designs for the new "launch" of my business. I'm doing a few different projects for clients right now that will serve as great portfolio items to show my design styles and capabilities. I'm having so much fun! On another note, I have attached a photo in this post of a blank wall in the upstairs of our house. It's a huge wall and it's screaming for some design action. But I have so many thoughts that they are running together. I'm overwhelmed! I'd love ideas if anyone has them for this wall. The aesthetic I'm going for is transitional...I'm open to something "different" and I'm trying to avoid just hanging a bunch of photos there. Some ideas I've thought of are using wall decals, a big giant painting, a "mosaic" of small photos, one huge photo, blown up and tiled...see what I mean? But the wall is so big that I feel like one idea won't fill the space well. An ongoing battle I think. I feel defeated before even beginning. I've also attached a pic or two of part of my design studio space where I keep some books and inspiration . I like eye candy. I have some decorating work to do in the office, but I'm gathering ideas. Slowly but surely. I hope everyone is well and has a great week ahead! I'd like to start posting more frequently...but I can't make promises (as I've learned.) Be well!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, look! it's a giant coat of arms. I believe it is the CARTY coat of arms.

Don't you just love the consistency of color and design from the Heraldry pages of yore!

michelle said...

HEY, nice space lady! Well, I have some ideas!
a). I really like the idea of painting a stencil with the same paint as the wall, but in a gloss, so you can see it when the light hits it, or you can always see part of it and then have to shift around to see the rest, it could be graphic or floral or even cool typography!

b). Have you seen the paper pulp wall tiles by Inhabit? They are patterned like floral or braile, my faves, and you could cover the whole wall, they are white so it would be too drastic, but so much texture!

c). White grass paper for texture

b). Waitscotting (sp?) Simple white molding that adds so much depth, it could go all the way to the ceilign or half way and have a little shelf up there to put some small colorful objects...

d). You could paint half way up the wall with a bold color, or you could paint the whole wall black, and paint the stairs white, the steps black, glossy, it would be dramatic, then have bold black and white imagery on the wall, or just white architecural effects...ok, this one is a bit intensive...sorry:)

Hope that helps, hurray on your first year freelancing, I completely understand the feeling you talk about of not liking your day job, me too sister! I feel so much better, and I finally got my website up and running (love yours btw)

Cheers, and thanks for you comment on my blog a few days ago, I appreciate it so much.

juliet said...

YAY! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary of freelance (i really mean freedom).

also, a friend of mine sent me a link that reminded mher of you, maybe you've heard of it already:

well, hope all is well, and good luck with that wall!

Michelle said...

The first thought that came into my head for the wall were giant one color, painted tree branches swirling from the edge, and from each branch you could 'hang' framed photos.. much like a family tree!

Congrats on the one year anniversary of freelancing! My husband and I are about to make a big move to another state, and am trying to weigh my options between the 9-5 or to freelance. You're making me want to freelance!!!

best of luck with the wall!