Thursday, March 22, 2007


Good morning all! I was so excited last night. I was watching "Bones" which is a favorite TV show of ours and the "victim" in the show had Nail Patella Sydrome (otherwise known as Fong Disease). They discussed it a bit on the show and my husband and I looked at each other in amazement because that's the affliction I have (as do other members of my family). It's very little known to the public and occurs 2.2 of every 100,000 people. You can learn more about it here. Anyway, it was a "wow" factor to actually see it on television since most people have never heard of it. Kind of cool. (in its own way) I'm enjoying working in my newly clean office. Now, I'm inspired to tackle my part of the bedroom where I've managed to pile clothes, magazines, books, and doodads. Time to pick up! The image posted today is of a cool pen cup that used to be my Grandfather's (Bumpa). He died around 17 years ago and my parents took in his desk. This cup was in it and contained old elastic bands, a compass (the kind you use in geometry), a magnifying glass, old pens, a rubber thumb, and some other odds and ends. I have since taken the cup and it sits on my desk now. I still have the original compass and magnifying glass in the cup. There are still the little odds & ends at the bottom as well. I like mixing in my current collection with his; it feels like family. And the cup has a great vintage look to it that has a lot of character on my desk. Have a great day everyone!

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