Friday, March 09, 2007

Rolling along...

I just got word from NA Graphics out in Colorado that they can replace my 3 rollers, give me all new trucks, and send everything out soon. Yay! I guess the rollers will take around 3 weeks to get; and I'm grateful to be getting them. I will be using rubber rollers this time around on my press instead of composition. Supposedly they will be much more consistent and easier to work with. (Thank GOD!) It also turns out that my roller trucks were off from each other in diameter, so that was leading to inconsistent ink distribution as well. I feel like starting from scratch with new rollers and trucks will really help me out in the long run. I'm so excited to sort of start over again the right way for how I work. Plus, since the basement is chillier, the rubber rollers won't constrict so much and cause me trouble. The down side to all this is the expense. If you haven't seen the 80's movie "The Money Pit" yet, I highly recommend it. It's hysterical. And it really encapsulates how I've been feeling with my letterpress stuff. I know it will get better and I will stop hemhorraging money to it. Eventually. Been working on lots of wedding invitation designs and birth announcement designs and am excited to debut them. I'm also working on a new website design for Megan creates. All will be shown in due time. My goal? To have things up and going in by June. Hopefully sooner than that. I guess we'll see. Have a great weekend everyone!!! Hopefully it will be above zero degrees this weekend around here so we can actually go outside without having the lungs freeze up. Last, but not cousin found out she is having a boy!!!! It's the first child of my generation on that side of our family and we are all so excited. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers each day to her. Now, I need to come up with some cool baby shower designs for her! Be well everyone!

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