Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring? I think not.

Last week we had this amazing day where it was 70 degrees. Here in New England, in March, that is very rare. It was so exciting! The next thing you know, 2 or 3 days later, we are buried in the most snow we've had all winter. I don't have photos of beautiful spring growth to share (like everyone else seems to have on their blogs lately). I have piles of snow mounded everywhere. No budding plants. No warm breezes. I'm so jealous of the people who have bits of plant growth to photograph. That won't likely happen around here for another month or so. It will come soon enough I suppose. The up side is that daylight savings has given us longer evenings now; I feel so much more alert when it's like this! Not much new going on here. Yesterday we organized our had looked like a bomb went off in it. After watching some Style network home shows we got inspired and off to "The Container Store" we went. We got a great "over the door" storage unit for our pantry door that freed up a lot of space. A few hours later, we had reorganized our pantry AND went through our old crappy "Glad" containers that needed to finally get thrown out. You know...the pile of containers and lids that spill out of the cabinet and you go crazy trying to find the matching lid when you need it... Well, we went through and fixed the problem. With our new pantry space, we put the lids on the nice food storage containers we wanted to keep, and stacked them all on the bottom shelf so we can see them all and never struggle with lids again. If this is the biggest triumph of my week, I'll still be satisfied. I'm now off to tackle some work...I'm designing a wedding invitation, a baby shower invitation (with matching thank -you cards), and some other projects. Have a great day!

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michelle said...

What a triumph it is! Congrats, I hate that tuper problem myself.